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The Image of God: The Creator’s Design for Humanity
with Dr. Bruce Ware and Dr. Owen Strachan
June 2-4, 2022

We live in an age where the very foundations of society and the Church are under persistent attack. The spirit of the age and the philosophies of Man have led to an increasing disregard for the Biblical values that once provided stability to our culture and world. Marriage, the family, sexuality, manhood, womanhood, and the worth of unborn human life are all being redefined right before our eyes. These issues are not merely “out there” in our society; they are infiltrating much of the Church. More than ever, we need men, women, families, and children whose thinking and worldview are forged by the unchanging Truth revealed in God’s Word.

Dr. Bruce Ware and Dr. Owen Strachan took us into Scripture to teach us, the image-bearers of God, how the Imago Dei clarifies and corrects what has become confused and often perverted by the false and destructive philosophies of our age. This was an informative and encouraging series of Biblical messages aimed at helping our Trinity family and friends maintain a sure footing in God’s Word regarding the pressing issues of our time.


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