Spring Home Group Study Sign-Ups

4-Week Small Group Study
Beginning the Week of May 20
New groups added as of May 7!

All in our Trinity Church family are encouraged to join us for best-selling pastor, author, and international conference speaker Paul Tripp’s video study: When SUFFERING Enters Your Door! Tripp’s driving passion is to help people understand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks with practical hope into all the situations we face in this broken world.
Suffering is universal. Hardships are common. Difficulties seem to follow us like our own shadow. In the midst of all the pain and grief, where do we turn for refuge, relief, and understanding? Doesn’t God see what is happening? Doesn’t God care? How can He let all this suffering happen?
In this study, you will learn how we, as Christians, should respond to suffering, what to be alert to, and the reasons why God allows hardship into our lives. The truths in this study will renew you with hope, courage, and endurance to face the ever-present trials of life in a fallen world, as well as equipping you to walk alongside others around you who are suffering.

Week 1: May 20-26 Three Dangerous Traps
Week 2: May 27-June 2 How to Suffer
Week 3: June 3-9 The Plan of Redemption
Week 4: June 10-16 Agents of Comfort

Click here to watch a video preview of the study.

Please select a group that you would like to join.
There is a maximum of 10 people per group.
All couples or individual participants must self-register.
Unless otherwise noted, meeting times are from 7:00-8:45 p.m.



Group 1 – FULL 5:00 p.m.
Facilitators: Curtis & Pamela Cookingham
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/Sunnyside
Group 2 – FULL
Facilitators: Joe & Lily Hernandez
Location: Prather
Group 3 – FULL 5:00 p.m.
Facilitators: Tim & Saundra Kemp
Major Cross Streets: Minnewawa/Alluvial
Group 4 – FULL
Facilitators: Claud & Donna York
Major Cross Streets: Fowler/Behymer


Group 5 – FULL
Facilitators: Walt & Helene Loscutoff
Major Cross Streets: Herndon/Marks
Group 6 – FULL
Facilitators: Rich & Gina Wathen
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/Sunnyside
Group 7 – FULL
Facilitators: Randy & Zona Larson
Major Cross Streets: Chestnut/Teague


Group 8 Starting May 29 – FULL
Facilitators: Dave & Mary Bergdahl
Major Cross Streets: Peach/Teague
Group 9 – FULL
Facilitators: Greg & Laura Copeland
Major Cross Streets: Champlain/Perrin
Group 10 – FULL
Facilitators: Larry & Donna Parker
Major Cross Streets: Chestnut/Shepherd
Group 11 – FULL
Facilitators: Glenn & Laura Ross
Major Cross Streets: First/Bullard
Group 24 – FULL
Facilitators: Jeff & Katie Grimm
Major Cross Streets: Shaw/McCall



Group 12 – FULL
Facilitators: Shawn & Tracey Anderson
Major Cross Streets: Sommerville/Perrin
Group 13 – FULL
Facilitators: Scott & Lori Beckman
Major Cross Streets: Chestnut/Teague

Group 14 – FULL
Facilitators: Chuck & Jayne Harmon
Major Cross Streets: Cedar/Nees
Group 15 – FULL
Facilitators: Gene & Geri Sperling
Major Cross Streets: First/Bullard
Group 16 – FULL
Facilitators: Jim & Clelline Talley
Major Cross Streets: Maple/Alluvial
Group 17 – FULL
Facilitators: Lee & Carol Copeland
Major Cross Streets: Nees/Clovis


Group 18 – FULL
Facilitators: Brian & Dorothy Doswald
Major Cross Streets: Nees/168
Group 19 6:30 p.m. – FULL
Facilitators: Cesar & Terry Rios
Major Cross Streets: Cedar/Kings Canyon
Group 20 – FULL
Facilitators: Nate & Kara Van Verst
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/Locan
Group 21 – FULL
Facilitators: Don & Jeannie Mendenhall
Major Cross Streets: Barstow/Temperance
Group 22
Facilitators: Paul & Carolyn Halajian
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/Temperance (Hosted by the Beyers)



Newly added!

Group 23
Facilitators: Kyle & Jane Pegram
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/Friant


Newly added!

Group 25
Facilitators: Paul & Doris Geitner
Major Cross Streets: Shepherd/DeWolf


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