Crown Biblical Financial Study

Many people have not learned what the Bible actually says about money. Others have, but have yet to apply these Scriptural truths to their lives and end up living with the world’s perspective on finances instead of God’s.
God has called us to live a life built on His eternal perspective. When we apply this to our income and possessions, we can experience freedom from the pull of the culture and materialism.
In the Crown “Do Well” Biblical Financial Study, you will learn what God’s Word teaches about wise and faithful management of your financial resources as we cover important and practical topics including debt, saving, giving, developing a spending plan, etc.  With God’s wisdom and counsel at the forefront, you’ll be equipped to be a faithful steward in your home, workplace, and ministry.

“Do Well” – The Crown Biblical Financial Study Purpose Statement:
“To teach people God’s financial principles in order
to know Christ more intimately and to be free to serve Him.”

New groups will be formed early in 2019.
Contact Don Harris or Paula Hall for more information.

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