Nursery Ministries

What is the nursery philosophy at Trinity?
Trinity Community Church Nursery Ministries, which includes infants, toddlers, and their parents, has a mission statement that reads as follows:
“Partnering with parents in nurturing the souls of infants and toddlers by sharing God’s love and God’s truth within a loving, safe, and inviting environment.”
• It is our goal to provide excellent, loving physical care for all infants and toddlers that come into the nursery.
• It is our goal to have weekly volunteers laboring side by side, investing their gifts and the works of their hands to joyfully share God’s love and truth.
• It is our goal to have Spirit-led nursery caregivers praying specifically for God’s redemption and spiritual growth in the lives of our nursery little ones.
Who will be caring for my child?
Our Nursery Ministries Team consists of experienced, well-trained, and background-checked individuals.
Which nursery do I take my child to, and where is it?
Our nursery is divided into two rooms. The Infant Room is for babies approximately 3-17 months and is located just west of the lobby. The Toddler Room is for children approximately 18-36 months and is located just next door.
What will my child experience in the nursery?
In the Infant Room . . .
Your child’s basic physical needs will be met (bottle, snack, diaper changed, etc.). In addition, your child will receive loving care and attention from our nursery staff as they play, sing to, interact with, and pray for your little one.
In the Toddler Room . . .
Your child will learn about all God has made (people, plants, animals, etc!), enjoy play time inside and outside, receive a simple snack and water, and have diapers changed or be assisted if potty training.
How do I know if my child is well enough to come to church?
We operate a well-child environment for the protection of all the children in our ministry. If you have any question about whether your child is well enough to be in the nursery, please consult our Well Child Policy.
How will I be contacted if my child needs me?
We understand staying in the nursery is an adjustment for little ones, and we are happy to help them through this transition. Parents are given a pager that will vibrate and light-up if it is determined their child needs the comfort and care only Mommy or Daddy can provide.
Where is the Infant Care Room?
If you are keeping your little one with you in the worship service and need to feed or comfort your baby, we have an Infant Care Room around the corner from the nursery where you can comfort your baby in private while remaining connected to the worship service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Kim Zasso
Director of Nursery Ministries

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